Friday, November 4

Oh Happy Day!

So here is some exciting news JUST IN!!!  I have to preface this post by saying I create art because it's my passion; it lives deep inside and I try my best to express it with paint and canvas.  I love to make people happy and when a person compliments my art it is SO very rewarding. It satisfies my "artist" within.  Today is one of those more special experiences. 

Before I made my living painting portraits for others, I just painted portraits of people in my life that made an impact.  I have painted friends and I have painted celebrities who have inspired me one way or another.  My hobby growing up turned into my DREAM job. One of the first celebrities I had the privilege to paint for was Curt Smith of the group Tears For Fears.  As my painting career grew, I had a chance to really get invested in causes that meant something to me.  That's when Musicares came into my life and I had the incredible opportunity to not only attend a few Grammy Award ceremonies and witness some incredible performances, but also I was asked to paint many of the recipients of the Person of the Year Award (including David Crosby, Tony Bennett, Phil Collins, Natalie Cole, and Pavarotti to name a mere few). A-mazing.  

Anyone who knows me knows my love of music.  I wish I could be musical...but alas, I am MUCH better off painting.  I have decided to leave music to the musicians haha. 

Melissa Etheridge is one of my favorite singer songwriters and I have always found her music and her message inspiring and heartening.  I have traveled near and far to see her perform.  In fact, one of the most memorable Melissa concerts I went to was during the Millennial March on Washington.  I went to the Equality Rocks concert produced by the LGBT rights organization The Human Rights Campaign. The concert included stars like Melissa Etheridge, Garth Brooks, George Michael, the Pet Shop Boys, and k.d. lang!
And a few years after that, I brought a portrait to another Melissa show and a friend worked her way backstage and got it autographed for me!!  It remains one of my favorite pieces in my personal collection.  

This week Melissa has been rocking the Brilliance of the Seas on the Melissa Etheridge Cruise!  Due to travel constraints, my wife (who is Melissa's #1 fan, by the way) and I could not make it.  We have however booked the next one in 2018!!  But, back to my point.  I started painting the piece pictured above in Key West back in September during my show at Luis Sottil Gallery Key West.  I had no idea that it would actually end up in Melissa's hands!  When I was first starting out I met a famous DJ (a friend of a friend) and I knew I had to paint her. DJ TRACY YOUNG is still one of my favorite subjects! So fun, talented and very easy on the eyes!   Tracy is spinning live on the M.E. Cruise.  Tracy was kind enough to present Melissa with her portrait!  She said Melissa LOVED it!  I've been reeling with excitement!!! It's hard to form the right words to express my gratitude and elation! It's always such a cool feeling I get when my painting and the subject stand next to each other!  Melissa, you are a beacon of inspiration and you have serenaded my world for many years. I can't wait to Rock the Boat with you soon!    Perhaps there can be a creative collaboration in the near future!?  Much love!

Wednesday, May 4

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

Happy Star Wars Day and May the 4th Be With YOU!!!

I have been a fan of the Star Wars enterprise since I was a kid.  I was very young when the original 3 were released. I was flattered to be asked to be part of  a very small group of artists chosen to paint Fine Art for LucasFilms.  Painting for the Star Wars license has been so much fun as well as all-consuming.  I have re-watched the films, studying them with an artistic eye.  It’s a different appreciation for me today than it was for the 8 year old me. There is just so much that George Lucas has woven for us from his masterful mind!  I continue to strive to do his characters and stories "artistic justice."  

My Star Wars Collection is continually growing.  I am painting new originals all the time.  New images for limited editions are currently going through the approval process!  You can see images of  “old” favorites, as well as the “new” favorites from Episode VII.  I accept commissions!  If you have a favorite character or scene in the movie, you can commission an original from me and take part in the creative process with me: from ideas and sketches to the final product!  Some of my sketches are available too!  For details on what's available or if you have any questions at all, please send me an email!

See you all out there...:)