Wednesday, May 4

In a Galaxy Far Far Away

Happy Star Wars Day and May the 4th Be With YOU!!!

I have been a fan of the Star Wars enterprise since I was a kid.  I was very young when the original 3 were released. I was flattered to be asked to be part of  a very small group of artists chosen to paint Fine Art for LucasFilms.  Painting for the Star Wars license has been so much fun as well as all-consuming.  I have re-watched the films, studying them with an artistic eye.  It’s a different appreciation for me today than it was for the 8 year old me. There is just so much that George Lucas has woven for us from his masterful mind!  I continue to strive to do his characters and stories "artistic justice."  

My Star Wars Collection is continually growing.  I am painting new originals all the time.  New images for limited editions are currently going through the approval process!  You can see images of  “old” favorites, as well as the “new” favorites from Episode VII.  I accept commissions!  If you have a favorite character or scene in the movie, you can commission an original from me and take part in the creative process with me: from ideas and sketches to the final product!  Some of my sketches are available too!  For details on what's available or if you have any questions at all, please send me an email!

See you all out there...:)

Wednesday, March 2

On the High Seas

I was lucky enough to be invited on the MSC Divina ship for a Valentine's Day cruise.  Not only did I get to share the "stage" with the amazing surrealist artist Michael Provenza, but we also became fast friends and I just loved the chemistry we had together. He truly inspired me. Shout out!!  Check out his webpage...see the link at the bottom.  I love going on V-Day cruises because it is a perfect time to showcase my "Love, Alli" collection.  This year it even included some new original acrylic hearts in a shadowbox frame...super colorful and collectible!  I'm kind of obsessed with them.  Besides that, they are just a lot of fun to actually paint!  Very different process from my faces.  This cruise was also the chance to paint the David Bowie portrait which I have been waiting so long to get into...I just felt it was extremely appropriate given the time.  While we were onboard I had heard that Lady Gaga did a tribute to Bowie on the Grammy's!  We all had the Starman on our minds!  Congrats to the lucky collectors on board....I had a fabulous time meeting you all!  Can't wait to see your pieces hanging in their new homes! Thanks again for the good time!