Thursday, December 3

WOW!! It's been a crazy year!

Holy cow!!  It's been almost a year since my last post!!??  How did the time fly by so quickly?  Here's a quick recap:  Lots of gallery shows happened!  Been busy painting commissions and working on some EPIC projects!  I have released a few new editions, which I promise I will post and share in the coming weeks.  Most importantly, and my focus for the last several months has been on STAR WARS!!  Episode VII is coming out in a couple weeks...the anticipation of the continuance of the saga is exciting (and nervewracking!)  I have been approved to be able to paint Fine Art for Star Wars and have LICENSED product released!  High five!!  This is one of the biggest projects I have ever worked on and let's just say, this is merely the beginning!!

Next weekend I will be making my STAR WARS debut (so to speak) in Austin, Texas at the wonderful Art on 5th Gallery!  The show will be December 11-12 from 6pm-10pm each night.  Please contact the gallery to RSVP...this show is getting some crazy attention! This will include many of my original Star Wars paintings as well as BRAND NEW Star Wars editions!  I've been waiting a long time to be able to share this news! I will be there painting and basking in the galactic energy!  Please find below a link to the gallery.  Hope to see you all there!
Art on 5th

Saturday, January 24

Painting To A Different Beat

Over this last holiday season I had the amazing opportunity to present a really cool celebrity a painting that he commissioned!  Iron Maiden is an English heavy metal band, considered to be one of the most successful heavy metal bands in history, selling over 85 million records worldwide. For the past 35 years, the band has been supported by their famous "skeleton" mascot, Eddie, who has appeared on almost all of their album and single covers, as well as in their live shows. Iron Maiden's legendary drummer is Nicko McBrain.  He was first introduced to my art thru the Clear Channel Radio Station, where my paintings of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Petty, etc. adorn the walls.  Nicko got in touch with me and asked, "Where is the Maiden piece?"  Coming right up, of course!!  I had lunch with Nicko and picked his "McBrain," studied Eddie's life as the band's mascot and learned that "The Trooper" is one of the most famous songs and album covers.  So after a few sketches, Nicko decided that he would like to see my interpretation of The Trooper!  This past Christmas Clear Channel Radio hosted a wonderful charity event called the 12 Guitars of Christmas, giving away autographed guitars from bands like Collective Soul, and artists like Joe Bonamassa and B.B. King!  All of this and it benefitting Toys For Tots.  Nicko was the MC of the evening and I got to present him the completed "Trooper" painting on stage at the end of the night!  Needless to say he was blown away and has asked me to think about painting on one of his drum kits.....yay!!!!  Just another day in the life... Take care everyone!!