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In 1996 Lefcort was commissioned to create the portrait of then First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Senator Clinton was presented this portrait during the Women's Leadership Forum of the Democratic National Committee in Boca Raton, Florida. Allison was also commissioned to paint the portrait of their Royal Highnesses the King and Queen of Jordan. It was that same portrait of the late King Hussein that was featured in an interview with Queen Noor conducted by Katie Couric on the Today Show.
Lefcort's   paintings   are part of the   perm  nt collections   of   The Walt   Disney   Compan  y, Univers  al   Studios Orlando,   Warner   Brothers   Studios,   Via  com's   MTV and   VH1,   Secretary of   State   Hillary   Clinton, Ellen   DeGeneres,   Barbra   Streisand,   Luciano   Pavarotti,   Her   Royal High  ness   Queen Noor   of   Jordan,   Hugh   Hefner,   Dionne   Warwick,   Tears   for   Fears, Ronnie   Spector,   The   Indigo   Girls,   Liza   Minelli   and   the   Warhol   Family.
Through   the   years Lefcort   has   been   a strong   supporter   of    such   charitable   organizations as Best   Buddies, MusiCares,   Muzak   Heart &   Soul   Foundation,   Seeds   of Peace, United Cerebral   Palsy,   GLAAD,   The Cystic Fibrosis   Foundation,   and   Johns   Hopkins   Pancreatic Cancer R  esearch   Foundation. She has painted recipients of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (The Grammys) Humanitarian Award including Sting, Phil Collins, Tony Bennett, Quincy Jones, Natalie Cole, Luciano Pavarotti, Gloria Estefan, Bonnie Raitt, David Crosby, and Stevie Wonder. These portraits currently hang in the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences offices in Los Angeles.
Allison   Lefcort   has   painted   for The   Walt   Disney   Company,   Warner   Brothers,  MTV,   VH1, the   Grammys,   and   Playboy. Her   work   has   been   featured   on   such   hit   shows   as   "The   Girls Next Door," "The   Apprenti  ce,"   and   "The Today   Show."